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Who Needs a Barbed Wire Fence in Westmount Park?

Barbed wire fence in London park

A new barbed wire fence is causing divisions in the London Borough of Westmount. Locals say that for over 40 years, the park was accessible from two adjacent streets, but a newly built private barbed wire fence at the northern end left the park with only one entrance. A chain-link fence and barbed wire block the passage, leaving the park with a playground inaccessible to residents of the area from the north side.

Neighbors say they've seen a barbed wire fence put up over the past few days. London City Hall officials confirmed they did not build a fence, but removed the northern concrete entrance that runs through the park and leads to private property. “Over the years, we have had a longstanding relationship with owners up north,” said Andrew McPherson, City Hall manager of park planning. "The land has been handed over to a new owner who, for whatever reason, has decided to fence the property, which they are entitled to do."
It's strange to see barbed wire fencing recreational areas in the UK, so far reports of playgrounds, gardens, beaches and even lawns being fenced with barbed wire have mostly come from Russia.