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Poland Equips Border with Kaliningrad with Sensors and Surveillance Cameras

Fence and razor wire

Poland on Tuesday announced plans to install thousands of cameras and motion sensors along its border with the Russian enclave of Kaliningrad, in addition to a fence and barbed wire, to prevent Russian-organized border crossings by illegal migrants. Polish Interior Minister Mariusz Kaminsky said the system would complement a barbed-wire fence being built along the 200-kilometer border with the Russian exclave. The project cost is estimated at $88 million and will include about 3,000 cameras and motion detectors.

A five-meter-high metal fence with barbed wire and a similar surveillance system has already been installed along the Polish border with Belarus, which allows migrants to enter the European Union. Poland prohibits people from approaching the border more than 200 meters. Despite the practice of forcibly returning migrants to Belarus in Poland, about 100 prohibited attempts to cross the border are registered every day. Many of those who want to cross the border come from the Middle East and Africa.