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Egoza Wire

Egoza is one of the well-known brands under which modern barbed wire is sold - razor wire and barriers and it. Egoza, like Concertina, is associated with sharp razor blades of wire, coils of a cylindrical security barrier and high security of objects fenced by Egoza razor wire. The Egoza brand is used in many countries of the world, such as the USA and Australia, Bulgaria and North Macedonia, Sweden and Greece, Slovenia and Moldova, Great Britain and Germany, Egypt and Israel, Serbia and Romania, Czech Republic and India, Azerbaijan and Spain, the Netherlands and Kazakhstan, China and Albania, Mexico and Latvia, Turkey and Liechtenstein, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Lithuania and Norway, Cyprus and Poland, Finland and Portugal, Monaco and Slovakia, Uzbekistan and Luxembourg, Italy and Ukraine, Belgium and France, Croatia and Austria, Montenegro and Denmark, Georgia and Switzerland, Estonia and Hungary. In all these countries, as well as many others, the Egoza brand is registered, under which Egoza razor wire and concertina wire are advertised.

Border Fence and Concertina Wire in Poland

The Polish border barrier in some places is a fence with razor wire, in parts it is a fence made of concertina wire, and runs along the entire length of Poland’s 186-kilometer border with Belarus.

  • Concertina Wire

    Concertina is installed on fences, buildings and other structures. The concertina is also installed on the ground in one or more rows. Several concertina wire barriers can be connected in a pyramid fashion to form a high-altitude barrier.

  • Barbed Wire

    Barbed wire was invented for use in agriculture, which determined its design and properties. In the middle of the nineteenth century in Europe and the United States, many inventors proposed models of barbed wire of various designs.

  • Razor Wire

    Razor wire is a modern analogue of ordinary barbed wire. The razor wire is made of other materials and has different specifications. While ordinary barbed wire is made of soft wire and equipped with wire spikes, razor wire is made of hard steel wire.