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Poland Reinforces Border with Russia with Cameras and Sensors

Poland Reinforces Border with Russia

Since November last year, the Polish army, at the request of the Border Guard Service, has been installing a razor wire fence on the border with Kaliningrad. Poland is going to strengthen the barbed wire fence under construction on the border with the Kaliningrad region of Russia with a system of surveillance cameras and motion sensors. The electronic barrier will cover about 200 kilometers of the land border and include a system of cameras and detectors. Construction work is due to start in March. Poland will start building an electronic fence on the border with the Kaliningrad region, as it fears that Russia and Belarus will again help migrants cross the border in an attempt to destabilize Europe.

The installation of electronic equipment in addition to the concertina razor wire fence will allow border guards to more reliably control the border. Detector systems will send alerts, the algorithms of which will be built in such a way that border guards react to real attempts to cross the border by people, not animals. Poland is preparing for a repeat of the 2021 border crisis, when thousands of African and Middle Eastern refugees and migrants tried to enter the country through Belarus. At the time, Minsk denied that it had provoked the situation and instead blamed Warsaw and Brussels for causing a humanitarian crisis that led to the deaths of several migrants in the border forests.