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Finland is Building a Fence with Concertina Wire on the Border with Russia

Fence with concertina wire

Finland is building a three-kilometer experimental section of concertina wire fence along the border with Russia. Earthworks began at the end of February 2023, and all work on the installation of a fence and barbed wire on this segment of the border is planned to be completed by the end of June this year. Finland plans to build a border fence with razor wire about 200 km long, while this is no more than 15 percent of the entire length of the border with Russia. The decision to strengthen the border with Russia was made due to the increased risk of various unfriendly actions by Russia on the border with Finland, including in the light of Russia's attack on Ukraine, as well as the start of the process of Finland's accession to NATO.

The total cost of erecting a 200 km fence, on which concertina wire and electronic perimeter protection will be installed, will be about 380 million euros. The primary task of the new fence on the border with Russia is to protect against the entry of groups of illegal migrants from the territory of Russia. This has already happened when Russia deliberately sent illegal migrants from Iran, Afghanistan and other countries across the Finnish border, this happened most massively in 2015-2016. Complete work on the construction of the border fence, the installation of razor wire, surveillance cameras and other means on the Finnish-Russian border is planned by 2026.