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Works on the Construction of a Concertina Wire Fence in Estonia Continue

Concertina wire fence

Work on the construction of a concertina wire fence in Estonia continues, with a fence and razor wire being installed on the second section of the border. On the first section of the border, where metal fences and concertina wire have already been installed, work is underway to install video surveillance systems and electronic perimeter protection. The cost of the second phase of construction work on the Estonian border is estimated at 18 million euros. The third section of the border is planned to be equipped with fences and concertina wire by the end of 2023. All work on the arrangement of border barriers in Estonia is planned to be completed by the beginning of 2025.

Despite the fact that the construction of the border fence with razor wire faces certain difficulties, the work is being carried out according to the schedule. Unfortunately, prices for some barbed wire fence products have risen by an average of 25%, which may require either additional funding for the fence project or a revision of the border fence design itself.

By the way, the very project of border fences on the Estonian border looks quite well thought out. Judging by the photo, a fence made of a special mesh is used as the main fence, which does not allow climbing over the fence. Egoza razor wire is installed on top of the fence – concertina wire security barrier. At some distance from the first fence, there is another fence of a similar design, on top of which Egoza razor wire is also installed. The installation of barbed wire is designed so that the coils of the concertina wire are located close to each other, so it will be difficult to overcome or damage such a fence. If fences and razor wire are supplemented with access and ring roads and video surveillance and perimeter protection, a very effective border fence will be obtained.

The only negative of this project is that, judging by the shape of the razor wire blades, it is of Chinese origin or made on Chinese equipment. This does not necessarily indicate the low quality of the concertina wire, but raises certain suspicions, since similar incidents have already taken place during the installation of razor wire in Lithuania at the construction of the border fence.