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Ukraine is Building a Wall with Egoza Razor Wire on the Border with Belarus

Egoza razor wire on a concrete fence

Ukraine is building a wall with Egoza razor wire on the border with Belarus, work is underway in the Rivne and Zhytomyr regions, and about 3 km of Egoza wire fence and concertina wire have already been installed in the Volyn region. Work on the construction of the border fence is being carried out more thoroughly than during the construction of the European Wall - it is felt that the threat is more realized, and the funding is much more significant. A concrete fence is being installed on the border with Belarus, on top of which Egoza razor wire in the form of concertina wire is installed in two rows. In addition, a ditch, embankment and other engineering barriers are being created along the fence to prevent crossing the state border.

But not only a concrete fence and concertina wire protect the border of Ukraine from a possible attack from Belarus in the western regions. The terrain itself and the peculiarities of communication routes make it much more difficult to move around the territory of the Volyn, Rivne and Zhytomyr regions, and this is not counting the measures taken by the military, which cannot be talked about. In addition, on this section of the border, which is now additionally protected by a fence and Egoza razor wire, units of the Border Guard Service, the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the territorial defense are in full combat readiness, which are equipped with everything necessary to repel an attack from the northern border. But all the same, a moat, a concrete fence and barbed wire on the border with Belarus will be useful.