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Turkish Border Town Fights Illegal Migration to Europe

Flat razor wire keeps out illegals

Edirne, Turkey's gateway to Europe, is investing in new measures to prevent illegal migration, especially people trying to cross the border in commercial trucks, by installing surveillance cameras and Egoza razor wire flat barriers around parking lots near the border. As Turkey seeks to secure its eastern borders from incoming illegal migrants from Asia, it faces a new challenge in the northwest. In Edirne, the busiest province for those who want to get to Europe, trucks carrying export cargo are considered a convenient means of transportation for stowaways. Drivers often find that illegal migrants are secretly getting into the back of trucks as they stop at rest stops, thus making their way into the countries of the European Union.

The border town's administration recently instructed local businesses serving truck drivers to take additional action against migrants. Rest stops where drivers park their cars before traveling to Europe are now surrounded by high fences with Egoza razor wire on top, and security cameras must be on 24/7. Each rest stop on the way to the border must surround the facility with a fence at least 2.5 meters high, it is also recommended to hire security guards.