Lithuania Completes Construction of a Fence on the Border with Belarus

Construction of Egoza razor wire fence on Lithuanian border completed

Lithuania has completed construction of a 502-kilometer Egoza razor wire fence on the border with Belarus. “The physical barrier along the Belarusian border has been completed. The fence and concertina wire stretch for about 502 kilometers. Maintenance specialists are still working at the border, fixing minor defects in the barrier, repairing roads and construction sites,” Lithuania said. The total length of the Lithuanian border with Russia is 679 km, of which more than 100 km run along the banks of rivers and other water bodies - in this case, Egoza razor wire is not installed.

The news follows the Republic of Lithuania extending a state of emergency due to Russia's ongoing war against Ukraine. Speaker of the Seimas Viktorija Cmilytė-Nielsen said: “Unfortunately, the threat to public safety remains. Russian military aggression in Ukraine continues. Crimes against humanity and war crimes are being committed and are only on the rise. In addition, the Russian Federation is conducting an open and increasing rhetoric of threats against states that support Ukraine, while denigrating their independence, territorial integrity, cherished values and history, and even questioning their very existence. This increased threat to public peace cannot be eliminated without temporary restrictions on the exercise of certain constitutional rights and freedoms, as well as the introduction of emergency measures”.