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Slovenia Plans to Dismantle Fence and Concertina Wire

Concertina wire on the garrison with Croatia will be removed

The Slovenian army will begin dismantling the concertina wire fence along the border with Croatia from the second half of next week, Slovenian Interior Minister Tatjana Bobnar said Friday at a press conference following a government meeting. “Migration is part of modern society, so the most effective migration policy is to ensure safe and legal migration,” said Tatiana Bobnar. One of the priorities of the new left government led by Robert Golob is the dismantling of the fence and razor wire.

Back in 2015, Slovenia built a 176-kilometer concertina razor wire fence along its 670-kilometer border with Croatia to stem the migration flow. It was later gradually replaced with a panel fence and expanded. Currently, 135 kilometers of barbed wire fence and 60 kilometers of panel fence have been installed along the common border.