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Latvia Built a Temporary Fence with Concertina Wire on the Border with Belarus

Temporary razor wire fence in Latvia

In Latvia, the installation of a temporary concertina razor wire fence on the Latvian-Belarusian border has been completed, but the appropriate procedures for accepting construction work still need to be carried out, said Vendija Pikshe-Kuchma, a representative of the Latvian State Welfare Agency. In total, a concertina wire fence has been installed on a section of almost 37 km, but the acceptance of construction work is still ongoing, since the volume of razor wire fence sections is quite large.

Handover work, as well as inspection of the fence and concertina wire, will probably continue into the first days of next week, the agency said. In accordance with the contract, the deadline for completion of the construction of the fence is set for December 6. State Secretary of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Latvia Dmitry Trofimov previously confirmed that there are places where the construction of an additional temporary fence will be required. In total, it is planned to build another 22.8 km of additional barbed wire fences.

As previously reported, after the construction of a temporary fence with Egoza razor wire, it is planned to install a permanent border fence. The project states that a total of 172.9 km of border strip needs to be built, including a permanent barrier along 134 km.