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Barbed Wire Fence in Royston Gives the Feel of a Prison Yard

Barbed wire fence in Royston

A barbed wire fence was erected next to Gladman's proposed new building in Royston. Developer Gladman applied to build on land south of Echo Hill in Royston, but North Hurt District Council asked for a delay in construction in light of the coronavirus pandemic. Work began this month on installing a perimeter barbed-wire fence that towers over the gardens of residents in Echo Hill and Laystone Park and, residents say, "feels like a prison camp."

A representative of the campaign group said: “We are pleased that the district council has extended the consultation period. However, having a barbed wire fence without any notice at a time when so many people are literally feeling fenced in due to this coronavirus pandemic is cruel at best, and at worst an attempt to intimidate those whose gardens adjoin this site.